A portfolio of artworks by Kirsty Whitrow

Murals & Mosaics in the Community

Braunstone Adventure Playground

"Artists Anonymous have undertaken several mural projects at Braunstone Adventure Playground over the past 25 years and their work never fails to surprise and delight.

Their finished products are slick, high quality and thoroughly professional but there is more to the company than top class artists. They have a clear understanding of the issues of concern to community workers and are capable of motivating and getting the best out of a wide range of client groups from children to adults with additional needs.

Given the exceptional talents of their artists they are remarkably good at ensuring the work is a result of the insights, interests and ideas of the client group. Their work is not about personal ego's but is always concerned with meeting the needs of the service users and helping them to achieve beyond their expectations.

The children at the playground are very proud of 'their' murals. They have benefited a great deal from working alongside professional artists. Through discussion and workshops they have learned how to structure their visual ideas and express their feelings, learned new techniques such as mosaic and have grown in confidence and self esteem." Mike Keen

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2017 Artists Anonymous

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