A portfolio of artworks by Kirsty Whitrow

Murals & Artworks for Hospitals

These Hospital artworks provide a welcome distraction for patients who may be worried and stressed, or simply bored by the long waiting times.

Each artwork is tailored to the specific hospital department taking into consideration, the age and category of the patients; and their carers and visitors.

Some of the works are situated in departments and corridors where patients may be in residence for a long period of time, so the works need to reward repeat viewing, and be accessible to all ages. A Trompe L'oeil mural can drastically change and open out a small space such as a waiting area or corridor using the illusion of perspective.

It is believed that artworks in Hospitals greatly improve the healing process and in creating an attractive, colourful atmosphere within a sterile environment can help to provide a feeling of well being.

2017 Artists Anonymous

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