A portfolio of artworks by Kirsty Whitrow

Murals for Schools

Shaftesbury Junior School

Kirsty was commissioned in 2015 to paint a third mural in the playground at Shaftesbury Junior, replacing the original mural from 1995.

Ideas for a theme were put forward, following consultations with the children and teachers. Rough designs were made and exhibited within the school, then a vote was taken, and the Animal Kingdom theme won. The mosaic was made with children in after school workshops, and later cemented into the wall (top right).

“It is not always an easy task to choose a theme which will appeal to all, but I tried to make an image which would please the local residents as well as all ages of children attending the school. Another important factor is to try to choose a content that will stand the test of time (not go out of fashion any time soon), and to invite repeat viewing. Educational values are of course a ‘must have’ in a learning environment, and when presented in a fun way, encourages curiosity and therefore knowledge.

I hired a few extra willing young artists (and some not so young) for the execution of the project as it had to be completed within a tight time frame during the summer holidays”

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