A portfolio of artworks by Kirsty Whitrow

School Projects & Residences


1. Green Lane Infant School

“I have been working as Artist in residence at Green Lane Infants since 2014, facilitating art workshops throughout the school, creating murals and building up an Art Gallery as an ongoing project”

2. Parks Primary School

Kirsty was commissioned to carry out a second project at Parks in 2015 - 2016 facilitating full day art workshops throughout the school, creating work with the children to rejuvenate all the displays.

These works were created as a celebration of ‘Where we live’, presenting Leicester as a vibrant, culturally diverse city proud to be a part of. Pen and watercolour, by Yr 5 & 6

3. Parks Primary School

Collage and modelling by Yr 2

4. Parks Primary School

Claude Monet’s Water-lilies in wax resist and collage, by Yr 3 & 4

5. Braunstone Primary School Art Gallery

This display was created over a term, working with every class in the school. Each class chose an artist to study, and created works influenced by them. The children looked at the life and works of the Artist, the techniques they used, and where their inspiration came from.

6. Braunstone Primary School Self Portrait Gallery

This display was created over a term, every child in the school made a self-portrait, each class creating them in a different style and medium.

7. Evington Valley Primary School

Kirsty was commissioned to work for a term with every class to facilitate artworks and construct 3 permanent displays, enhancing several areas within the school.

“This was a really exciting project, the children were very proud of their achievements, and thrilled to see their work exhibited all around the building”

The Library, and adjoining corridor: A reading tree mural incorporating children’s work from KS 1 and 2 on the theme of stories and books

8 & 9. Thornton Primary School, Birmingham

Kirsty was commissioned to create displays with the children on the theme of Black Music in celebration of ‘Black History Month’

The children designed and created album covers using a variety of mediums and techniques. By Yrs 3, 4, 5 & 6

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