A portfolio of artworks by Kirsty Whitrow

School Projects & Residences


  • Image 1. Whissendine School: This sculpture was inspired by the 'WEEE MAN' at the Eden Project. It is made from recycled electrical parts by Yr 6 and situated in the foyer to the school
  • Image 2. Papier maché Pigs inspired by a trip to the farm. By Yr 2
  • Image 3. Whacky Plants made from found objects, modroc and paint. By Yr 6
  • Images 4, 5 and 6. Abstract sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth. Wood, modroc and paint. By Yr 4
  • Image 7. Clown fish, inspired by a trip to the Sea Life Centre. Chicken wire, modroc and paint. By the Nurture Group

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